An Attitudinal Change Is The Cheapest Way To Change One’s Life

I, Sr. Mary Thomas am working as a Coordinator for Women Empowerment Programme for the past 7 years in Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society (BDSSS), Belgaum at Chikkodi in Belgaum District. The organization is working for Social Development at grassroots level. The programme, Women Empowerment is supported by Karnataka Regional Organization for Social Service (KROSS), Bangalore. During the initial period I was drawn back as I was not well capacitated to handle the situation at the ground level due insufficient subject knowledge. But over a period to time, I got an opportunity to attend varied trainings conducted by KROSS like Leadership Development, Communication Skills, Rights Based Approach, Documentation & MIS, Income Generation Activities, Networking, Advocacy & Lobbying, Good Governance, Government Schemes, Concept Clarity on Self Help Groups & Federations, Result Based Management, Panchayatraj Institutions and Gender Equality which boosted my confidence and helped me to better my performance.

Especially the training that I attended on Gender Equality at KROSS helped me to clarify the concept, bring an attitudinal change in me and also with those whom I work. I can now see a positive change in my thinking and behaviour as a woman and am able to disseminate the same information to the people in the community. I also tell the women that we need to empower ourselves by making use of the opportunities given to us and have to actively participate in various fields like social, economic, educational, political and professional field. I am now more confident and feel the need to work more for women rights and encourage women to exercise their rights and enjoy its benefits.

I sincerely thank KROSS for providing me this opportunity to empower myself and encourage others to be empowered.