Erandagi is a village in Basavakalyana taluk, Bidar District. The Manager of Krishna Grameena Bank visited the village to have a meeting with the Panchayat members and village leaders to open a Bank Branch in Erandagi. The SHG women were called for the meeting and the issue was raised at the meeting. 120 women took part in the meeting. During the discussion the manager enquired about the NGOs working in the particular area. The Panchayat leaders in loud voice called out ORBIT the best NGO in the area working for the empowerment of women. He earnestly requested the cooperation from the SHG women and promised them that very soon they will have a bank in Erandagi.

Today, one of the SHG members’ sons is working in the Bank. More than 100 women have opened their personal bank accounts. Since ORBIT and the SHG women are recognized by the bank, even the villagers primarily because of the women’s participation and economic empowerment benefiting from the bank facilities. The women are very grateful to ORBIT, for the constant support and handholding given to them. This has boosted their morale to work for the wellbeing of the society.

Misereor and KROSS take pride in the achievement of these women. Back