An Attitudinal Change Is The Cheapest Way To Change One’s Life

It is said that every person has a tale to tell and my story is no different. Hailing from a poor fisher folk family of Uttar Kannada where life was tough but thanks to my parents who scrounging from their hard earned money educated me and I was able to be a double graduate, B.A. & B.Ed. A sigh of relief but not for long as jobs were hard to come by and I had to work for some petty business men to augment the family income and support my siblings. The days were very really tough.

In 2003, through some reference I got a job in Karwar Diocesan Development Council (KDDC), Karwar in Social Development field but the challenge the new job threw at me was daunting as I neither capacitated nor trained to handle the problems at grassroots level and had even decided to quit the job.

At this time I got an opportunity to attend trainings at Karnataka Regional Organization for Social Service (KROSS), Bangalore like Personality Development, Leadership, Communication Skills, MIS & Documentation, Concepts of CBOs, Conflict Resolution, Rights Based Approach, Result Based Management, Gender, Right to Information, Women & Child Rights, Panchayatraj Institutions, Millennium Development Goals, Environment, etc. which completely changed my perspective, enhanced my awareness, became aware that just bookish knowledge was not enough.

Today as a Project coordinator at KDDC, I have learnt to communicate with community and the Government officials, have the skill to form Self Help Groups, Women Federations, capacity to organize people, motivate them to claim for their rights. I am able to plan, implement and review the programs in the field. I am recognized by various NGOs and GOs. I now have the capacity to work towards a just, humane and harmonious society and above all share my learning which is my contribution to the society.

I am indebted to KDDC and KROSS for their encouragement and support in building me into what I am today which has helped me to support my parents and take care of the education of my siblings. My heartfelt thanks to all who have touched my life.