Director’s Desk

“Educate, Empower & Employ Women and you empower the World”
KROSS and the fourteen Diocesan Social Service Societies work towards the empowerment of the socio-economically poor and disadvantaged women in Karnataka over the past two decades is still unfinished as breaking the traditions and taboos is no easy task. Empowering women and girls will greatly help the community as their empowerment empowers all, thereby, creating the conditions for them to flourish, in full acceptance of and in accordance with their innate genius as women. Women's Empowerment is the link to sustainable development. Hence they have to be included in building process, policy making bodies and advocacy groups. Women face discrimination and hence should be empowered to become dignified agents of their own and drivers of sustainable development. Empowerment should be central to the process of maintaining the benefits to women through literacy, education, training, raising awareness and equipping women to make life-determining choices across different issues in the family and community.

Pope Francis has called on “all spheres of society, including the Catholic Church, to promote the empowerment of women without diminishing the irreplaceable role they play in family life”.He said that “the qualities of delicacy, peculiar sensitivity and tenderness which are abundant in the female soul are not only a genuine force for family life, but also a reality without which the human vocation would be unfeasible”.According to him, “the presence of women in many spheres of public life should be encouraged, including the world of work and in decision-making positions, while at the same time helping them maintain their irreplaceable presence in family life”.

The condition and status of women is improving in our society but they still face gender inequalities and many other atrocities. There is an endless list of oppression faced by women in our country starting from birth to death even now. In this scenario it becomes even more important for us as a team to make our presence felt and convey that we are there to assist them so that they are open and voice their grievances based on which they can be counselled and guided. We are now called even more to put in our best efforts to make women empowerment a reality.

The afforestation program through planting of saplings, water conservation and waste management taken up by the DSSSs and federations has created awareness on environment protection.

We are indebted to the leadership and motivation of the Karnataka Region Catholic Bishops' Council and its Chairman, Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bengaluru, Archbishop Emeritus Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Director - Samrudi, Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Lobo, President - KROSS, Most Rev. Dr. K. A. William, Vice President - KROSS and Members of KROSS Governing Board/Body who are an inspiration and guiding force.

The Diocesan Social Work Directors and their Staff who reach out to the poor and disadvantaged people merit our heartiest appreciation. The KROSS Staff who too are totally involved in the process are worthy of commendation.

KROSS places on record the support and goodwill of our esteemed Donors who have brought a smile on the face of the beneficiaries which leads them on the path of dignity.
Fr. Sebastian Fernandes
Director, KROSS